Make Claims, Enjoy Casava

Casava’s proprietary claims experience platform provides you with a fast, stress-free, and enjoyable claims application - a 1st in Africa.You worked hard for your money; getting financial support when you need it shouldn’t be hard

Fast & enjoyable

5 minutes to claim


25% claims handled instantly


Available on web, WhatsApp
and the claims API

Casava Claims is Revolutionary

When you pay your premium, we reserve your claims in an account managed by our reinsurance partner and we keep only a flat fee from your premium. When our AI Claims Specialist reviews and approves your claim, a payment instruction is sent for immediate remittance.
It's that simple and yet a game changer!

How Casava Claims Work

As a subscriber, you can easily file a claim on your laptop or phone, anytime and anywhere and between 1hr and 48hrs, we will approve and make a payment.

Click the “Claim” button
Tell us what happened
Our claims engine runs and reviews your application
If your claim is instantly verified, it is paid instantly
Else, our AI hands your claims to our team to review and decide within 24 Hours

Introducing Haruna AI

Introducing Haruna, our AI Claims Specialist designed exclusively for Casava. With Haruna, our customers can make claims anyday and anytime and receive a response in minutes. Haruna is available both on Web and Whatsapp.


We Take Pride In Claims

We know we are helping you put your pieces back together and have built an expert team to prioritize your claims. When we pay claims, we celebrate!